How to install on Android Tv Box and Smart TV

Install on Android Device or Android TV Box

1. Download the APP from APP Store or click the link below:

Click here to Download

2. Perform all the necessary steps to install the APP

3. Open the APP and click '+Add playlist' then 'Add URL'

4. On 'Playlist URL' write the Link provided by us

5. On 'Playlist name' you can write anything you want

6. Click 'OK' and enjoy the Service

* We do not own any of Android APPS


Install on Smart TV


1. Download and install the APP from your TV APP Store

2. Open the APP (You will see your TV MAC Address)

3. Go to

4. Write TV MAC,
On URL paste the link provided by us
Check "Save online"
Click 'Send'


5. Turn Off the TV for few seconds then Turn it On again and open the APP

*** You can see the channels also through VLC Player: Download VLC Player then go to: Media -> Open Network Stream (Add the URL and click PLAY)

Install on MAG Device

- MAG Portal

Note: We do not own any of the APPs above!

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